Financing of works – zero rate eco-loan

Summer is here, synonymous with free time and sunny weather (fingers crossed). Why not take the opportunity to do the work you’ve been dreaming of for a long time? Works credit, Personal loans, Eco PTZ, several solutions exist to allow you to intelligently finance your interior and exterior works.


Whatever your desires for work, take advantage


The expertise of Cream credit brokers to benefit from adequate financing. They will help you quickly find a lending establishment in order to finance all of your work, with or without personal contributions, and by adjusting the duration or monthly payment of your loan according to your financial situation.




If your work concerns the improvement of energy performance

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Your accommodation, you can also take advantage of the advantages of the Eco-PTZ, created by the 2009 finance law. Like the zero-rate loan, intended for the acquisition of a first main residence, the Eco-loan Zero Rate is a government-assisted loan. It is intended to finance work reducing your energy consumption in old dwellings completed before January 1, 1990 and occupied as a main residence. If you are an occupying owner, or even a lessor owner, you can obtain, without means test, up to $ 30,000 per accommodation depending on the nature of the work involved.

Only works that significantly improve the energy efficiency of housing can be funded. Thus, the eco-loan concerns a set of works comprising at least two of the following categories:

  • roof insulation work,
  • thermal insulation works on walls facing the outside,
  • thermal insulation work on glass walls and doors to the outside,
  • installation, regulation or replacement of heating systems, where appropriate associated with economical and efficient ventilation systems, or efficient domestic hot water production,
  • installation of heating equipment using a renewable energy source,
  • installation of domestic hot water production equipment using a renewable energy source.

If you don’t do a “bunch of work”, you can take advantage of the eco loan to finance work to achieve a minimum overall energy performance of the accommodation. In this case, your home must have been built between January 1, 1948 and January 1, 1990. Note: Only one eco loan at zero rate is granted per accommodation, use it wisely by carefully considering the works that will maximize your energy consumption.