January 3, 2020

Is there really a gender equality in credit?

“On paper, the question of equality before credit does not arise. The law prohibits gender discrimination in applying for credit. In practice, women often combine risk factors in the eyes of credit analysts. “

Do bankers take into account the specifics of men and women when they are examining a credit file? The analysis of Bogart Rodell, director of partnerships and spokesperson for the Lite Lenders brand.


The prospect of pregnancy plays into the analysis of the file


Personal situation, first of all, has a hard time cracking clichés. Like many recruiters, bankers pay particular attention to women of childbearing age. The prospect of a pregnancy and a break in activity can be considered as a wage risk factor for credit applicants with a job requiring a lot of travel and that with variable income depending on their relationship activity.


Support payments, a risk factor

loan payments, a risk factor

The marital status will also reinforce the questions of the credit analyst, especially in the presence of a divorced person with dependent children. Support payments are not a total achievement. It can be called into question if there is a new union, if the children take off financially, or if the ex-spouse or companion no longer pays the pension. It is then a double penalty, of course, but in the event of litigation, the Justice would not forgive the banker for having endangered the person, by not anticipating this risk.


Professional earnings of women are looked at under the microscope

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Professional earnings are also likely to be examined very carefully. Whether in the case of a part-time or flexible status, the analyst will be interested in the likely evolution of this particularity. If the person ensures that he will resume full time, the commitment will often not be retained until it has been noted. This peculiarity also exists more and more for men, but it must be admitted that it is much rarer. Conversely, if the person works full time and plans to become a mother, or is pregnant when the loan contract is signed, the hypothesis of the planning request will necessarily be present in the mind of the lender banker, with his lot. salary consequences. The lowering of taxation could therefore be a moderating event, but there is
finds that the fiscal impact is only very rarely taken into account by bankers.


Women Lost Their Loan Insurance Advantage

Women Lost Their Loan Insurance Advantage

Finally, the subject of loan insurance, which was rather favorable to women borrowers until recently, has been standardized since 2013, under the pretext of total equality of treatment. So, if we except the still slightly longer life expectancy for women, no more difference is made. It should be noted, however, that the medical consequences of certain pregnancies or female pathologies can generate an additional premium, adding to the total cost of the credit.


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